Your errands just got easier.

Services Offered

Hawaii Assistance provides a variety of time saving errands and services that make your life easier and automated.
Customized shopping including multiple stores, if desired; put away items Sitting
When you're off on family holidays or traveling abroad with Hawaii Assistance your home, plants, and pets are in responsible hands. & Maid Services
Our cleaning services are thorough and consistent. We offer a variety of services from Move in / Move out to Last minute cleaning.
Transportation services offered island-wide. From VIP luxury to Handicapped access and Senor Services, we got you covered. Planning
We have all the know-how and the contacts to make your event or gathering a huge success. Services
Hawaii Assistance offers professional, and personalized pet care service. From walking and feeding to bathing and grooming, we treat your pets like they are a part of the family!

Eco Friendly Cleaning

To ensure our work is environmentally responsible, We use only NPA tested natural home care products. Un this way our work is environmentally responsible.

Environmentally Responsible

We use products that:
  • Contain only natural ingredients
  • Have not been associated with any previously known health risks
  • Have not been tested on animals
  • Are fully biodegradable
  • Uses sustainable & environmentally friendly packaging